I know I’m late to the party but I just had to give my opinion on this. Konami threw the biggest curveball of this years Gamescom event and probably the biggest curveball of the year by debuting the trailer for the newest Metal Gear game. Now this caused a major uproar because this is the first title without Hideo Kojima and also the trailer left a lot of people with more negative than positive thoughts. I’ve had my fair share opinions on this but never managed to actually talk about it so I’m gonna make up for lost time and give my thoughts on Metal Gear Survive.

What We Know

So far Konami has kept a very tight lid on what the game entails, however what we do know is that it follows the events right after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes… In an alternative universe and it somehow involves zombies of some kind.  Now this is just me but I’m not too keen on the idea of having the series set in an alternate universe where thereis possibly no Snake; the driving force of the series (sorry Raiden fans). Now the fact that there are zombies in it is not a problem per say because they were in it in phantom pain (well parasite controlled enemies but zombies is close enough) and Metal Gear always had odd enemies to fight Psycho Mantis and Vamp just to name some.

snake metal gear.png

A Metal Gear game without this man? You have a lot of convincing to do Konami.

Konami vs Kojima

Since this will be the first Metal Gear title without Kojima spearheading it with his genius me and a lot of people have had doubts on how the story will be, because Kojima always preferred incredibly confusing stories with a deeper meaning which always required your utmost attention if you want to understand the game. Konami was always going to face a lot of criticism because after their heart wrenching break up a lot of pole sided with Hideo and rightly so if you ask me. Now lastly Konami may have excluded the main proganist Snake because they probably want to show that they can carry out the series without Kojima and they also probably are signalling a new era saying “we don’t need you or your genius!”, will it pay off for them? I don’t think so but I have been wrong before so don’t take my word for it.

hideo kojima.jpg

The man himself. Hideo Kojima.

Will It Be successful?

In my honest opinion I cannot see this game doing too well for numerous reasons. The first being that most Metal Gear fans love the series because of  Hideo Kojima, of course that’s not the only reason but a huge factor when it comes to Metal Gear fans. The second being that Snake may not feature in this game, as said before Snake is the driving force in the series and him being left out has me and a lot of people thinking “what the hell Konami?”. The third reason for me is that all Metal gear games are incredibly story driven and the way that Survive came across just made it seem like a simple shoot’em up which is a shame, and if my worst fear is confirmed it will be a terrible stain on such a glorious series.



So in the end I’m not sold on this game which is really sad because it is without a doubt my favourite series of all time, however we can always be proven wrong and I hope for Konami and Metal Gear that the game turns out to be just a great as the previous instalments. if you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can just click this link Metal Gear Survive trailer and be sure to give me your thoughts on this.



One thought on “Thoughts On Metal Gear Survive

  1. I just can’t see this game doing well. They might be two completely different games, but this feels like the Metroid Prime: Federation Force of the MGS franchise. A spinoff that no one wanted, and that very little people will play. Great article!

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